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Support Someone Battling Cancer With A
Painted Believe Mug

Paint Glaze & Fire is now a proud participant in the Believe Mug program! Since the program began, thousands have received inspiration in their fight against cancer from Believe mugs sent to them from painters like you across the country. These mugs have a simple, inspirational message: Believe. You decorate it however you want and then you can either take it to a loved one or we will donate it for you to the KU Cancer Center.

Call the studio at 913.661.2529 to

make a reservation to paint a Believe Mug!

Now You Can Paint Believe Mugs

At Your Own Away Event!

You don’t have to be at Paint Glaze & Fire to paint a Believe Mug. We offer Believe Mugs to go! Just pick up the mugs, brushes, and paint at the store and then paint them at your event. Then bring them back when you’re done to get them glazed and fired.Taking Believe Mugs to go is a great way to add a fun activity to your event! Give us a call to schedule!

The faculty at Prairie Star Elementary recently painted Believe Mugs during a staff event.

Learn more about the Believe Mug program: