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Glass Fusion at Paint, Glaze & Fire


How it works:

What is glass fusion? Glass fusing is simply the process of stacking two or more layers of compatible glass together to make a design, then placing the stacked glass into the kiln where it is fused together to form one solid piece.

Sound easy and fun? It is! Come complete a glass art project with us! Try out this exciting artistic medium and create colorful and eye-catching masterpieces to be used for gift-giving, home decor, or holiday decorations. Glass projects at Paint, Glaze & Fire start at $20.00! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Here’s how glass fusion art works:

Step One: Assembly
There’s no experience needed – and many design possibilities without any glass cutting. The first step is to pick out a blank surface to start your glass creation. We have many to choose from. Next, add pre-cut components from the Glass Fusion Center or learn to cut your own and glue your design in place. Basic instruction is offered on a walk-in basis. Your project may be a tile, trivet, sun catcher, coaster, or decorative art piece. The only limit to the designs is your imagination.

Step Two: Flat Firing
When you have finished gluing your glass art piece together, Paint, Glaze & Fire will fire it in the kiln. Here’s where the magic begins! At 1475 degree high temperatures in the kiln, the decorative glass components begin to melt and bond to the blank surface – bringing your glass art creation to life! If your project ends with fusing, it will be ready in about a week.

Step Three: Slumping
If you want to take your flat glass project and give it dimension, we can slump it. Slumping is the process of bending or shaping glass into or over a mold. A second firing of the glass is required and your project might take up to two weeks to get back. The slumping fee is $8.00 per project.

Hand-made glass art projects are amazing to behold! They make perfect gifts. Come create one today!

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