Our Coffee House

After we built our Overland Park ceramic pottery painting studio in 2005, we later included a coffee house so that our studio guests could sit back, relax, and enjoy their favorite beverage while they were working on a pottery, glass, clay, or canvas project.

Need a comfortable place for your next business meeting, or a place to sit and visit with friends. Ceramics & Coffee House @ Paint Glaze & Fire invites you to just “hang out.”

Have a sweet tooth? Ask us about our delicious Cookie Smoothie!

Our Hot Coffee Menu

Lattes Espresso and steamed milk. Add a flavoring for a sweeter treat!
Mochas Espresso, steamed milk, and warm chocolate. Whipped cream tops it off!
Hot Chocolate A favorite with the kids. Warm and chocolaty.
Cookies & Snacks Sweet and delicious. A little nibble with your coffee.
Smoothies Fruity and cool. A great way to wind down in the afternoon.
Frappes Frozen deliciousness with a coffee kick!
Chai Teas Tea swirled with milk and spices
Loose Leaf Tea From the Tea Market in Crestwood – oh, so yummy!
Protein Shakes A boost to your health and protein intake.
Soft Drinks All your favorite sodas.

And while you’re at our coffee house for a beverage and a snack, take a look at our large variety of ceramic pieces. You might just find a great new coffee mug or snack bowl to paint, glaze, and fire!