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Calling All Scouts!

We Love Hosting Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts & Youth Groups!
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Scout Specials

Ceramics Projects

Decorate bisque with glaze to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces!

  • 6” Tile Plaque….$12.00 ($17.00 value!)
  • Mug or 8” Plate….$14.00 (up to $20.00 value!)
  • Popcorn Bowl & Participation Patch ….$20.00 ($33.50 value!)
  • Trinket Box & Participation Patch ….$18.00 ($30.50 value!)

PGF will call you when your order is complete.

Glass Fusion Projects

The process of stacking two or more layers of compatible glass together to make a design, then fused together in the kiln.

  • Night Light & Participation Patch….$20.00 ($27.50 value!)

Clay Projects

Build with raw clay to create from scratch!

  • Play with Clay & Participation Patch….$16.50/scout

Holiday Ornaments

Three Flat Ornaments….$20.00/scout ($30.00 value!)

  • Three Flat Ornaments….$20.00/scout ($30.00 value!)