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Private: Browse Pottery

All ceramics may be painted in store or taken to go with Pottery2Go! Call us at (913) 661-2529 to make a reservation. Walk-ins always welcome!

Note: Some items below may be out of stock. Visit or call us for up to date availability.

  • See the available paint colors. We will provide a maximum of 5 Colors per item.
  • We will provide you with paint brushes based on your project needs.
  • For Pottery2Go! Orders: All Kits Must Be Returned. Paint brushes, Pottery & any other shop supplies when done. Give us a call to set up your time to return your kits. Once we receive your ceramics, we will need to let them sit 3-4 days before glazing. Once we do glaze and fire them, we will give you a call when they are ready to be picked up. Typically, turnaround is 10-14 days after we glaze your items.